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PR Fireworks: Why Burn Your Money?

So besides literally going to one of those tents and hitting up all the half-off, day after the 4th firework sales, how can you set off some serious marketing mortars?

As I prepared for the 4th and contemplated buying fireworks, a favorite thing to do of mine ever since I was allowed to handle fire, I kept going back to the thought that I was literally burning money. I am the the type of person that will hunt around online for hours just to save on shipping, scour the coupon code sites, or even call to force price matching, yet here I was thinking about laying down forty big ones on something that would go up in flames in seconds.

It all got me to thinking, all the people I am celebrating with are going to buy fireworks, all the places around town are going to be shooting them in the air, why do I have to have my own?

Taking this to a practical business line of thinking, I imagined all the huge corporations setting off big expensive campaigns, spending millions on flurries promoting their latest products, and generally carrying in the loudest, farthest reaching manner they can think of. Now, I am not saying that big buck advertising doesn’t have its place, it certainly does and it works, but what I am saying is you don’t have to buy the fireworks yourself in order to use them to your advantage and enjoy.

A huge nationwide campaign is going to do some great things for you if you pay attention to the companies that are doing them in your industry. Watch what they do, let them spend their money, and when they have done all the work to gather these people to their product, you insert yourself into the conversation. Spin it, even talk about them, now you are part of the show!

This is just a small example of something you can do to save money and create what were calling ‘PR Fireworks’ this month of July. We have more to share with practical, proven ways of getting the exposure you need on a shoestring budget. From tools, to tips from the experts, we will be gearing you up to get the bang without the buck; welcome to what will be an explosive month of marketing and PR secrets here at Salty Waffle. Happy 4th!

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