Pics Posted on Instagram Just Got an Upgrade

The popularity of Instagram and its sharing platform for pictures has caused the camera industry to take note. Instagram is one of the top 25 most downloaded apps, with over 80 million users, and most of them using their phones to take and upload their pictures. However, even with the vintage inspired filters, instagram pics just don’t quite turn out as good when they’re taken on a phone, after all, it’s main purpose is a phone, not a camera.  And even though cameras on phones have come a long way, the nicest cameras on smartphones still only have 8 megapixels, which is half the resolution of entry level consumer point and shoots from Canon and Nikon.

The camera and imaging giant Nikon, though, has come up with a solution for low quality pics on Instagram, as well as a way to keep their point and shoot camera relevant in a world where people the majority of people use their phones for cameras.  Introducing the new Nikon Coolpix S800c.  From the front it looks like a normal Nikon Coolpix Camera.  However, flip the phone over though, and there is a 3.5” Android 2.3 touch screen that looks more like a smartphone than the back of the camera.  This new update, could potentially revolutionize the camera and social media picture sharing site.  Now, people will have a device that takes high quality pictures that can easily be uploaded instantly to social media sites like Instagram, without having to transfer them to their computer and then to their phone.  Not only does this make the point and shoot more relevant in today’s smartphone dominated world, but it also will increase the quality of pics on Instagram and other social media sites.

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