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People Need Jobs

Jobs need people, people need jobs.  It’s a fairly simple equation but in between the process is a lot of inefficiency.  As someone who  can relate to the struggles that many people face when looking for an almighty job I understand the pains.  I can also understand the frustration on the employer’s side.

Firstly employers have to try to find job seekers.  They might place a physical sign outside their business, put out an advertisement, or just go based on referral.  Then the job seeker has to find the job posting and decide to fill out the application.  The whole process takes time, energy and effort.  Either way you choose to go there exists a transition period between placing the help needed notice and the job offer acceptance.  Whether you’re an employer or a job seeker the whole process just makes you want to pray the job is a good fit so you don’t have to go through it all again.

Filling a job is like baking a giant confectionary pie but instead of being filled with blueberry pie filling, whipped cream and ice cream there is lengthy forms to fill out, stressful job interviews and waiting. My generation, Generation Y, is quickly becoming one of the most difficult to employ.  Short career expectancy, lack of desirable skills or experience, and a tendency to not know what to they want to do are just a few reasons why the gap between the unemployed and we’re hiring is becoming more difficult to bridge.

Salty Waffle strives to empower people with the skills to face this brave new world.  With Social Media quickly becoming one of the fastest growing industries it makes sense to train people how to effectively use the tools of the future.  Salty Waffle dreams of creating millions of jobs for the next generation one blog post at a time.

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