Part 1: Is Your Social Media More Quality Or Quantity

Sometimes going back to the basics is the best way to get back on track. Yes, there are a ton of different social media marketing tools out there, but sometimes retail businesses forget the golden rule, quality, NOT quantity. For that reason alone, we at Salty Waffle want to make sure that your big time social media tools are up to par, because if they are not, it may be holding you and your retail business back.

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Would you 'like' your Facebook Fan Page?

Lets take a look at your:

Facebook Fan Page

Facebook is now the go to player when it comes to social networks for your business. It is a great platform for you to display products, create conversations, answer questions, and ultimately build a relationship with your clientele

Take a look at your pages wall. Does it encourage conversations? If not, is it because your page lacks fans, or are you not putting in enough effort to draw discussions from them? How about your info, does it answer all the questions a potential customer would have? Make sure everything is updated and professional looking and your customer will think the same about your business.

Another great feature that is new to Facebook Fan Pages is the ability to like other companies within your industry. At first, this may seem like suicide to your business, but being strategic partners with others actually gives your business more exposure.

Creating a newsletter sign up or mailing list for your Facebook Fan Page is not only easy, but a great way to get your customers excited about new products and let them start the conversations on the page for you. When they ‘like’ your Facebook page, give them the opportunity to sign up for the newsletter. It’s that simple.

So go back to basics, and make sure your Facebook Fan Page is looking as professional as you are. If it’s not and you still don’t know where to start, we at Salty Waffle are always ready to help you with all your needs. Check out Part 2 to learn how to clean up your Twitter, it’s coming soon!

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