Outsource Your Friends

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine commented that she had received praise from her peers over her daily online “updates”. She had been complimented on how often she not only updated her social networking pages, but on the overall relevancy and humor of those same status updates. This friend then went on to say that her peers had suggested they pay her to update their social networking pages as well, citing a lack of time and absence of fresh ideas within their own pages. She laughed and simply took the compliment in stride.

Then, just this morning, I was told about an up and coming business that plans on doing just that; manage your social networking sites for fee. The company, “Friends-R-Us” will provide daily updates of your personal media with stories, status updates and even regular tweets for a varying level of fees. I remembered what my friend had recently shared with me and of course this got me thinking.

How important are those little one liners at the top of our profile pages?Obviously, enough for busy professionals to pay to have them updated and serviced. But Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures had this to say on the matter in a blog post from February of last year — “Status is universal. Not everyone takes photos or videos, or plays games. But everyone has a status and it changes.” So let’s think about that for a second. It’s not just tag line at the top of your page or feed, it’s your automatic plug into the lives of everyone you’re trying to reach. In establishing your vision, don’t underestimate the value of every day social media and the possibility it has to make your vision instantly viral.

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