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Online Marketing: It’s All About U, and X Marks the Spot

Success is a simple formula: One part passion, one part ability. This is true in life, business, and today, your website.

Think of your website in two parts, the user experience (UX) and the user interface (UI). The user interface is the technical side of the website; it is how a user physically interacts with elements on the page and uses its functionalities. The user experience side is the emotional component, the ‘it’ factor that draws people back the site over and over again. The ability and the passion, respectively.

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Unless you are the lucky person with the technical skills and the vision for the site, form a team to create you website. Use your style guide and nail down an interface that is intuitive, simple, and accurate. Couple that with the emotional element found in the core of your mission and values, and you will have a site that not only works, but tells your story and keeps your customers coming back.

Remember that for many, the website may be the only experience a person has with your company. It needs to be near perfect, have both the UI and UX elements, and stay in top condition at all times. The nature of the web is to be ever changing and that includes your page, keep an ear to the ground and always be ready to adjust the site as needed.

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