Online Bible Studies Through Social Media Part 1

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community social media bible study, social media familyHave you wanted to participate in a bible study but found yourself either too busy, strapped down by kids, or unavailable at the times the studies are happening? Social media solves this problem by make studies available when you are! It’s very convenient. The time you choose to commit always agrees with your schedule since the comments are online waiting for you – not the people.

Through social media you can host collaborative studies online that go deeper. Facebook, combined with the hosting abilities of Blogger, are the perfect combination for bible study sites that don’t require a weekly time commitment. An example of this is the Facebook Bible Study. On the Blogger site, they list each week’s lesson (for a 7 week series) complete with a written lesson, a complementary video, and an assignments section for response. The response section is done on their Facebook and shared amongst the bible study members.

Another way to host a bible study by combining Facebook and Skype.  This type of bible study is more related to the traditional form with people discussing each lesson verbally. However, the people do not need to physically meet because of the features of Skype! For more about Skype see a past Salty Waffle article. The face-to-face interaction Skype offers is enhanced by the sharing abilities of Facebook. Through this social media site members can share more about their answers to questions from the bible study. They can also pull in links from outside sources, like Bible Gateway, that are relevant to the topic. For this type of study, here are 9 tips to get you going.

To learn how to host your own online bible study, check out our Salty Waffle classes!

Tune in next Saturday for Part 2 – an overview of a social media site that is dedicated to hosting bible studies for any individual to do!

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