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Never Power Point Again!

Hey all you experts out there, your audience just may have seen enough PowerPoints. Thanks to a fantastic young company out of India, no one has to be bored anymore, enter Prezi.

marketing, presentations, experts, social media, activatePrezi Inc. is out to cure the PowerPoint woes with a more intuitive and active form of presentation. Our very own expert, Nicole Donnelly is a presentation machine. Whether that be at our Salty Waffle social media classes, EO events, MIT Entrepreneurial Masters classes, for our social authors, any one of our clients, or to her brand new students at Seattle Central, she blows audiences away with her knowledge and deftness in the social media world.

For the longest time she has used a typical slide format with either PowerPoint or Google Docs. That is, until she saw a Prezi. We’re currently developing a really awesome Prezi of our own for the people we talk to about social media—activation, content, engagement, and all that we hold near and dear at Salty Waffle.

The Prezi presentation versus a regular slideshow is a world of difference. It allows you to build a presentation on one giant canvas and then arrange the flow of the camera to travel to different places depending on the order of the content. You can control zooming, layers, camera flight path and speed, as well all the regular items you can edit in slideshows like shapes, colors, and text. The other great thing about Prezi is the seamless integration with media. You no longer have to worry about exiting a PowerPoint to play a video on the internet or listen to a clip of music!

Prezi can help spice up your presentation and help arrange the content in a more meaningful and natural way if your presentation and audience is ready for that type of thing. Check out the video below and get started, its free!


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