My SEO Quest: Defeat New Zealand Part 1

marketing, seoI have been waging war. My name is…John Connor. Actually it’s Mitchell Cuevas and Christian Bale definitely ruined the latest Terminator. Anyhow, a movie review is not where this is headed. This is the story of how I, like Skynet in the aforementioned movie empire, became self-aware. Self-aware that is, in terms of the search results of my own name on Google.

For whatever reason, one day I finally decided to search myself to see what happened. I was disappointed to find I wasn’t the only ‘Mitchell Cuevas’ in the world. In fact, there was another one out there beating me in the results. As I now call him, ‘New Zealand’ owns the top spot with his well connected LinkedIn profile.

The other ‘Mitchell Cuevas’ is the CEO of a firm called Ecostore in, of course, New Zealand. Well, I didn’t like 2nd place too much and vowed to take the top spot. I am no expert on SEO, but I have learned some things here and there. I started linking up all my profiles; I built an online resume, and started sharing more links and things on Facebook.

To my delight I had him topped a few weeks later. Then he retaliated. Somehow he regained the top spot and is now currently the number one Mitchell Cuevas in the world according to Google…and what else really matters right? So here I am, stuck at number two behind ‘New Zealand’ and from what I can tell he is fortifying his LinkedIn as we speak.

But starting today I have formally embarked on a quest, neigh, I have declared war in witness to all. I will lay siege to ‘New Zealand’ and he will fall this year.  Mitchell, if you are listening, I love it, you are only helping boost my rank. [Insert evil laugh]

I have acquired supplies, weapons, and I will learn along the way and though I don’t possess the top spot, I have managed to grab up five of the other ten spots and the future looks bright. Part II of ‘My SEO Quest’ will reveal my secret weapon and as you follow along, I will pass on what I am learning, the strategies I employ, SEO skills I pick up, and hopefully tales of bravery and of victorious times. Judgement Day approaches.

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