Mile High Virgin

Right now I’m on my way home from SFO to SEA on Virgin America. I was inspired to take Virgin after I saw Branson in Dana Point, CA two weeks ago. He talked about how people would clap for those couples exiting a restroom together. My curiosity got the best of me and I booked a Virgin flight for my next trip. Kudos Mr. Branson.

When I arrived at Seatac and swiped my card at the Virgin touch screen terminal I couldn’t check in. When I went up to the counter and realized that I had booked a flight for the next week. The agent was very friendly and found the least expensive way for me to rebook right on the spot. This cost of my mistake was only $50! Whew! From check-in at the airport to the funny delivery of the safety instructions and the immediate offer of a beverage, I was impressed. The passengers on the plane appeared more hip than on any other airline I’d flown. The flight was no more expensive than any other, in fact it was the least expensive when I booked.

Now on my return flight to Seattle still impressed until moments ago, sitting in the restroom, I looked around and saw no evidence of Virgin. It was just like any other airline restroom. With the legendary Mile High Club (really it’s 7 miles up) and applause I guess I had expected more out of the lou. Some sort of memorabilia, perhaps a Virgin condom dispenser.

Unless there are FAA regulations against pimpin your potty, Virgin America, I expect to see bling in the bathroom next time I fly.

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