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MBA Summer Abroad with CSU Fresno

MBA Summer Abroad with CSU FresnoI recently returned from the most educational 3 weeks in Europe with the MBA Summer Abroad Program at CSU Fresno.  The purpose of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to gain valuable international experience while simultaneously working towards their graduate degree in a foreign country.  Every expectation I had of my time abroad was exceeded tenfold.  It was a top-notch opportunity to explore the world on an academic journey.

MBA Summer Abroad with CSU FresnoStudying in a foreign country forced us to instantaneously adapt to the European culture and all the moving parts that go with it.  We learned a new way of survival and had to turn problems into solutions while effectively handling difficult situations.  Our studies allowed us to identify and understand the strategic roles of businesses operating internationally and the strategic management of multinational enterprises.  It was a culminating business experience to apply the MBA curriculum in Europe.

I amplified my professional network, acquired valuable skills that will advance my career to greater opportunities, enhanced my ability to skillfully and successfully communicate with others and I’m more prepared for the competitive global environment.  I have a more passionate appreciation of how big the spectrum of business is and how it changes around the world.

MBA Summer Abroad with CSU FresnoNot enough people are aware of the MBA Summer Abroad Program offered right here in the valley and the unrivaled opportunities it presents.  It’s my goal to help increase awareness of international education at Fresno State.  The program welcomes all business students in the CSU system to participate and obtain extraordinary levels in the upper echelon of business and life.  The people that make the future what it needs to be are the youth and it’s imperative we instill these opportunities in their sponge-like minds at an early age.  The impact of this study abroad program will expand their paradigm, thought process, memorization, knowledge and personal growth.  It will also teach them about cultural differences by focusing on real world applications that can be applied on a daily basis.

I hope my experience inspires others to study abroad so they can see what an amazing opportunity they have waiting for them if they follow their dreams because they can and do come true.  Mine did.

MBA Summer Abroad with CSU FresnoEditor’s Note:  Angel Soria is an Internet Marketing Consultant, entrepreneur, sponsor for the Tulare Kings Hispanic Times, social author for www.SaltyWaffle.com, and currently obtaining her Executive MBA at Fresno State.  If you are business owner and you qualify to work with Angel, with her help you will dominate your market in 6 months or she will do your marketing for FREE until you do.  Visit www.facebook.com/AngelSoriaInternetMarketing for more information and follow her @talk2angelsoria.


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