Marketing 101: It’s All Inbound Baby

marketing, online marketing, social mediaIn every marketing class I have ever taken, the infamous “4P’s” have been mentioned. When everything in marketing gets confusing, you can always go back to the basics, the faithful four P’s for focus.

To really get places, you don’t need to design an exhaustive Marketing Strategy, but you will need to listen attentively online for what’s going on in the marketplace. The four P’s are a great foundation for your plan.

Product: The product specifications and how they relate to the customer’s needs and wants. Know your customer!

Price: The price the market will support while allowing a profit. Test this out in an online community. Try to sell them something. Any bites?

Placement: Channels of distribution and market segmentation. Blah Blah Blah…Focus on what you can be really good at and be there with prominence.

Promotion: Advertising, publicity, press, promotion, sales. Try everything out on Facebook first, you’ll get a quick response or crickets if it’s no good.

If a marketing decision has you stumped, think of everything in terms of one of the four P’s. The 4P’s may be simple, but if I were thinking of one more P-word to describe them all, it would be Prowess!

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