Marketing Strategy Part 1

Finding the right partners who love what you do and can send business your way is key to the vitality of your company. These partners can help you when you get stuck, they can recommend solutions, they may even become your friends.

While building out the new intake form for Salty Waffle clients, I thought of a partner/friend who has processes clearly outlined. We chatted on the phone for over an hour talking about process and strategy. It turns out that he needs a process for executing a marketing strategy as well as a marketing strategy. My passion.

First think of 4 main themes for the year and he nearly hyperventilated, “How can I keep up with all of this?” “Trust the process” I reassured him. By the end you will clearly see how simple it will be to create content that is meaningful, timely, and automatically populates to your site, Facebook, and Twitter on a weekly and daily rhythm. He took a deep breath and we continued on.

The 4 themes can be anything from Holidays or hobbies to values or trade shows. Just pick something that will resonate with your desired customers and staff. Once you have your quarterly themes we will talk about the weekly rhythm, then daily.

Join me here tomorrow to read about how to create a weekly content rhythm…

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