Marketing and Values: Aligning the Stars Starts With You by Mitchell Cuevas

Defining values is a necessary step for every individual and company. Doing so makes it clear to those around you what you stand for, how you will make decisions, the type of environment you like, and whether or not they fit in to that picture with you. In defining yourself, you define your company, define what type of people you want around you, and you define success.

By starting with values, you attract others who identify with them and they will align themselves with you. It leads to a collective team of individuals that is motivated by the same goals, a thirst for the same results, and most importantly, a desire to get there in a manner consistent with those same values.

So how does this boost marketing effectiveness?

Put simply, it allows you to show the world a consistent image that can be identified with.

People identify with values, not numbers or performance indicators. A team that is united in its values gives a very clear message to anyone or anything it comes in contact with. It knows how to motivate itself, knows how to make important decisions, and knows it is creating something every person working there believes in.

The values become a marketing tool, a motivational tool, and they eventually become the face of the company. If you have created a company with genuine values, the marketing is easy. You show the truth, you show what the company believes in, how it behaves, and what it wants to accomplish. You will soon find those who think the same way coming to find you and your company.

Summary Ride Like a Penguin by Nicole Donnelly; Chapter 1 Values

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