Lessons from Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's tattoo for her fans

Lady Gaga is a master of activating her fans to build her brand. She engages her listeners and fans in meaningful ways. She’s got her own name for her fans, they are the Little Monsters. She’s even got a Little Monsters tattoo!

What do you do that adds value to the lives of your customers, fans, and friends? How do you show your appreciation and engage them?

Thursday Thinkspace hosted a book signing of Ride Like A Penguin. As my job to provide an experience that will be talked about I came prepared. When the guests entered the aroma of waffles wafted about. Each person was welcomed with a snack, book, and t-shirt. Before we even got down to business, they were engaged by a personal experience.

The next challenge is to continue the experience after the event through email contact, additional events, Facebook invitations, Twitter, etc.

You too can create unique events that make a big impact with little resources. You don’t have to go Gaga to get results, but you will have authentically engage. Give people something to talk about, then do it again and again.

*Tip* If you are ever lacking in ideas, ask your most creative friends and colleagues for their ideas. They’ll be flattered and if you choose their idea, they’ll be your biggest fan.

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