Inspirational Social Media Sunday: Sharing The Word Of God Through Social Media

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media communityThere is nothing more inspirational than sharing the Word of God. In addition to our mouths, letters, phones, and emails, social media is another tool we can use to spread the Word. There are currently many different resources for scripture online today. My personal favorite was Bible Gateway, before I realized just how many sources are out there. Bible Gateway is a great site for finding scripture and searching out knowledge to topical questions. It is great because you can see one verse in many different translations. One site that adds social to the mix is eBible.

eBible: This site allows users to search for a verse then share it through their social media accounts.

In addition you can also set it up to post a verse of the day (VOTD) through your Twitter account or host it on your website. Users of eBible are able to look up scripture, select them verse by verse, then choose to share or tag it for future reference. One cool feature that sets this site apart is its ability to compare bible translations side by side like in the photo below (comparing The Message to the New International Version).

This is a great source for hosting your own bible study! To learn how to use social media to host your own study check out this past Salty Waffle article.

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