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Inbound Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media, Content Production…Its All About Listening.

All these official terms and phrases, billions of dollars, hours upon hours, all dedicated to growing businesses via the internet. But why? Well, because online marketing works. It is no secret that almost any business needs a few, if not all of the latest internet advertising and customer interaction tools at their disposal. In fact, they pay big money to companies and individuals just to handle all that goes in to the online presence.

Well, here at Salty Waffle, we too realize the need for such things. However, we have a habit of trying to make things as simple as possible for ourselves and for you.

We have boiled down everything we do online to its root, listening. It makes sense, what do you do in a brick and mortar business? You listen to customers. Sure, it’s a little different and there is a lot more noise in the online world, but the practice remains the same.

social media, social media classEvery day we set aside time to peer out into the world, a world full of our potential customers, and we listen to what they are saying. We peek in on Twitter, examine blogs, forums, discussion boards, and statuses looking to see who out there is thinking like us. Who out there has an interest in what we have? Whether it be key word searches, or @mentions, retweets to our blog, or some of our favorite blogs, we key in and take to heart the reactions to our content and our product.

We try out new things and then listen to see how everyone reacts; we look for opportunities to help with our expertise in places our customer’s habitate online. By working in these places we save time in identifying those out there that may already need and want what we have.

You can do the same in your business, take a minute to listen to what the world is saying about you. Find those conversations and communities you want to be a part of and offer what you have.

Trying to figure out how to listen online? Try one of our social media classes!

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