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6yr Old iKid Entrepreneur Explains Social Media

social media, Sara DonnellyWhen I returned from my daily walk, Sara was drawing. She wanted to help me with my business, so she drew some pictures of things that she could do to make money and things that I could do to make money. After all that’s what business is, making money doing things that you like to, according to her Sara.

She drew a trumpet with money coming out, because people would pay her to play, she drew a heart with wings because people would pay her to draw these beautiful hearts. Sara kept thinking of things she could do to earn money and filled the pages of her notebook.

Sara then drew a picture of me with a microphone speaking to a group of people, who could be my customers. She continued and said that the people who heard me speak would then tell their friends about the speech on the computer and they would become my customers too. Brilliant. That’s social media and social networking in a nutshell!

Imagine your possibilities!

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