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I’m here to recruit YOU!

We are looking for amazing members to our stellar team. No social media experience necessary. An exclusive social media training session for accepted applicants only will be held on Saturday Dec. 11th 9am-5pm in Seattle. You do not have to live in Seattle to attend, streaming video will be available to those selected.

hiringYou MUST be super friendly, super cool and caring, write well, love to learn, and love community.

You MUST always do your best in the time given. We work fast and work changes quickly.

You MUST be willing to do any task asked and solve any problem that comes up.

The rewards for your hard work are amazing experiences like going as a V.I.P. Sundance Film Festival, World Cup Ski Races, and top notch industry conferences.

The process:now hiring

Email 3 articles that are 200-300 words each. Include 3 different titles per article. The subject of one article should be you and what you will bring to the Salty Waffle team. The second article should be one that would be appropriate for us to post on www.SaltyWaffle.com.

The 3rd article should be about what you are most passionate about.We will select the best applicants to attend our Salty Waffle Social Media Class. This class will serve as the next step in our hiring process. We will know after that day if you have what it takes to be successful.The following Tuesday, we will announce the qualified people that will move on to the paid (min.wage) probationary period of 90 days. If after 90 days it is mutually agreed upon, you will officially have a job!

Entrepreneurial minded individuals typically do very well as do event planners, marketers, and outgoing writers. Creative and organized, it’s not an oxymoron, if that’s you then please apply!

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