iCloud: Your Virtual Music Library

Have you ever wanted to access your iTunes music library but you were away from your home PC and were forced to suffer through a world without music?  Thanks to iCloud, you will never have to endure this suffering again!

social media iCloud
iCloud will be released to the general public this fall.

iCloud will be released by Apple this fall and will significantly change the way we access and store our music, videos, photos and any other general information you may store on your home PC.  iCloud is basically a virtual “cloud” that stores your content and pushes is it wirelessly to all of your devices.  iCloud can be accessed through your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Mac or PC.  Not only can you access music and photos though the cloud, but all of your apps are seamlessly integrated into the cloud so you can access them across several platforms.  This also means that all of your syncing across platforms is automatic, so you literally have no obligation to sync all of the content across your different platforms.  The ability to store a wide variety of content in the cloud basically makes it your virtual hard drive that can be accessed through several different mediums.

social media iCloud
iCloud is your personal hard drive in the sky.

Perhaps the greatest aspect of iCloud is the fact that no longer will you have to go through the tedious process of syncing all of your different mobile devices to your home PC.  Instead, all of your information can now be stored in you cloud and accessed easily through any mobile device you may have handy at the moment.  The iCloud will soon turn your home PC into a mere device which can access the cloud and will no longer be the hub of activity it once was.

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