I Saw It Through The Photovine

Word on the street says that Google is has a new photo share application in development. But aren’t they already working on photo sharing app called Pool Party? Yes, but this one has a different concept. It’s called Photovine. Created by their Slide team, who is also responsible for Pool Party, Photovine is a community orientated application that uses unique compilations of photos called Vines to connect users to one another. These vines are basically themes or ideas that an artist can latch their photos to. A vine is a continually evolving collection of images that are all connected by a common title. Photovine’s motto is “Plant a photo, watch it grow”. This title could be anything; a quote, phrase, or description etc. created any Photovine user. For example, it could be “Home Cooked Meals”, “Favorite Destinations”, or “Best Day Ever”.

What you do is take a photo, and decide if you want create a new vine or add to an existing one that you think fits the theme or idea. The best part about this app is the different perspectives that each user can bring to a vine. There could be many interpretations that a user can take on each title. Through the vines you can tell your story in way that is special and fun. Since anyone can add to and view your vine Photovine is very open so use some discretion when it comes to what photos you choose to post. You can register to become a participant on their website. They are planning to slowly offer out invites later this summer. If you can’t wait to try out this app, there is a very similar, almost identical app called Piictu that can be downloaded today.

Here is a side to side comparison of the two applications.


That’s right Google, someone has already beaten you to the punch but that doesn’t matter since you can out market the bananas out of them. Hang in there, Piictu.

Photovine has recently launched a teaser:



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