Hurricane Sandy New York City

According the the weather reports the 100 mile gusts are due to arrive where I’m staying within the next 20 minuets. It’s currently rainy and windy. The tide has gone down from the photo below, but it will be back up and higher tonight. This is the largest hurricane since 1935! It’s over 1,000 in diameter. The eye is over 100 miles in diameter!


Pier 54 at the high tide this morning, 8am EST. Now the tide is down and water is down, tonight it’s going to be back up, we’ll see how high! I’ve been watching the news and my window to get the latest. Power is going out all over, we still have it though.


All public transportation is stopped in NYC. Bridges and tunnels are closing now too.


This is the Apple store in the Meatpacking district in NYC.



Another crew is sandbagging.

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