Hunter: Getting Aggressive With Social Media

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Faster! You can do it!

Hey Salty Waffle world it’s time to take social media to the next level. The extreme level. Gents, women rule social media so I’m here to help put a little testosterone back into the mix. That’s not to say the ladies are taking a back seat, I do love the ladies, but it’s time for the gentlemen to catch up. I’m big on social and big on using it to power your physical life to new heights.

I’ll have lot’s of great stuff for both genders on how to use social media to eat better, train better, and be a healthier person overall. We’re getting aggressive with social media to make our physical lives better so hold on tight, excuse the occasional testosterone overload, and come to enjoy a world of high-powered physical social media.

My name is Hunter and I want to pump you up, slim you down, or get you running marathons…whatever your goals may be. We’ll find a social solution to help you reach them. Personal experience, a penchant for the latest apps, and a bulldog mentality for sniffing out the latest and greatest where social media meets health, I’m excited to be a resource for anyone looking to work out more, have more fun, and get better results.

I may be getting aggressive with social media, but I always believe in being a true gentlemen. Aspiring to be the most interesting man in the world might not be a bad way to put it…a hard shell, refined gentlemanly interior, and desire to live a full, healthy, and interesting life.

“He wouldn’t be afraid to show his feminine side, if he had one”


“He could disarm you with his looks, or his hands”

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