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Hugh Macleod: Death to the Social Media Dotcom Douchebags

According to Hugh Macleod there are too many “Dotcom Douchebags” out there spewing mass amounts of useless, meaningless content that clutters the web and your brain. Social media, marketing, and most especially advertising professionals were singled out in this talk as a generalization of who spreads the crap out there online. Hugh is hysterical in his approach, if you go to his site you’ll see some of the poignant art that contained a level of profanity a little too Salty for this blog!

Hugh knows his audience and speaks about raising the conversation, making it smarter, and more meaningful, all while rolling in the gutter. You hear his ideas in full at gapingvoid.com but you won’t get the full effect until you meet the man in person. If you every have a chance to see him, do it!

“5. Deciding to have a smarter conversation isn’t a business decision, it’s a moral decision. Like I said in the last point, the barriers to entry are zero. While your competition treats their customers like idiots, you treat your customers like intelligent human beings. You don’t do that because your accountant told you to, you do thatbecause that’s who you are.” -Hugh Macleod, Gapingvoid.com

What kind of conversation are you having with your audience? family, friends, employees, employers, customers, vendors?

“10. Ask not what tools you want to use, ask how you want to change how you talk to people. All evolutions in marketing are evolutions in language. Those who can raise the level of conversation in any market, win.”

Smart, simple, elegant.

Hugh Macleod

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