How To Propel Your Music Career With ReverbNation: Venue Edition

While the record industry may be spiraling down the gutter, concerts and live music have been prospering the last few years.  In contrast to the record industry, the energy and excitement of live shows can not be replaced with the advancement of technology (just like digital music replaced the inferior analog technology).  With the changing landscape of the music industry, concerts are more important than ever for bands and musical artists.  Live shows are even more important for venues, as they are the lifeblood of their very existence.  ReverbNation has helped venues operate and adapt successfully in this rapidly changing music industry.

social media reverb nation
ReverbNation is the perfect tool for venues both large and small.

The Venue Profile Page displays all relevant information regarding the venue including concert schedule, links to sites where tickets can be purchased and links to other social media platforms (Facebook, Myspace, etc.).  In addition to the venue page, ReverbNation also helps venues drive concert goers and musical acts to their shows with the help of widgets (such as the Buzz Tracker) and promotional assistance.  The main form of promotional assistance comes in the form of Street Teams.  Street teams are comprised of people who are managed entirely online (through your ReverbNation account) with the goal of promoting your shows.  You basically create a “mission” and recruit people to compete against each other for a reward that is given to the top performer.  It is an effective way to get people motivated with a nice incentive in order to promote your shows in an inexpensive fashion.

social media reverb nation
An example of a Street team "Mission" page.

Coming soon to ReverbNation will be a search function in which venues can search for artists in the ReverbNation database in order to find the bands that best fit their venue according to tools such as the Buzz Tracker and Gig Finder.

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