How To Propel Your Music Career With ReverbNation: Record Label Edition



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ReverbNation is driving a tsunami of change in the music industry.

This may be a tough time for the record industry as album sales have spiraled down into the gutter, however record labels should not be so down on themselves.  With tools such as ReverbNation, it is easier than ever to find new artists and promote them over the internet using social media and social networking.  Indie record labels, in particular, have an advantage with this new age of digital music and social media because they no longer lack the resources that major record labels used to possess that allowed them to assert their dominance in the record industry.  All of the resources necessary for promoting musicians and albums are all accessible online.  The perfect gateway with which to utilize these resources is through ReverbNation.

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All of your artists are linked to your central artists management page.

The Central Artist Management Page is your central hub of music operations that allows you to seamlessly bounce between your different artists signed to your label and track their progress.  All of your artist’s websites, Facebook, MySpace and Twitter accounts can all be synced into your Central Artist Management Page in order to receive up-to-the-minute updates and band news via push notifications.  The Central Artist Management Page also features a stats dashboard and buzz tracker that displays charts and graphs to illustrate the artist’s success and progress.

Since albums can be relatively expensive to produce in large quantities considering the low potential of sales, ReverbNation offers digital distribution methods for releasing music.  In order to release the music to as many vendors as possible, ReverbNation requires a fee of $34.95 per release.  In exchange for this payment, your artist’s music is synced to 34 different online music stores (including iTunes, Amazon and many more).

These tools are essential for building the foundation of any record label and are easy for established record labels to integrate into their business practices.

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