How To Discover New Music With ReverbNation

Over the past couple of days, I have analyzed how ReverbNation can be used to propel your music career from the perspective of the artist, record label, venue and the band manager.  Now it is time for the fans to receive a little recognition, because, after all, they make the rockin’ world go round!

social media reverb nation
ReverbNation is the perfect gateway to the world of music.

The easiest way to immerse yourself in the vast pool of music that is available on the ReverbNation airwaves is to simply listen to ReverbNation Radio.  There are several parameters that allow you to customize your station to ensure the station is playing songs in genres that you like.  There is a basic option which allows the user to select what genre of music you want to listen to but there are also several criteria that allow you to further customize your radio station.  These criteria include the ability to only play random artists, featured artists, top 20 artists (according to the ReverbNation leader boards), latest 20 artists and even artists whose hometown is within a certain distance from your location.  In addition to the radio, ReverbNation keeps a detailed leader board of “hot” artists on global level as well as the local music scene in your hometown.

social media reverb nation
Much has changed since Woodstock thanks to sites like ReverbNation.

You can also create playlist through ReverbNation and share them with your friends through Facebook, MySpace or through your own website or blog.  ReverbNation also has a blog section where you can see what artists are getting hyped up over the internet.  In addition to this online community of music lovers, you an also join Street Teams and carry out mission for your favorite artists and help promote their music and shows.  With all of these features, ReverbNation is a great online music community that is great for not only propelling your music career, but also to discover new music and follow your favorite artists.

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