How the New Google Updates Affect YOU

Well, most likely they won’t. People who write their own content should still have great and climbing SEO ranking.  People who use Auto-blogging are the ones who will feel it the most.

how google updates affect me

Google strives to deliver the most valuable content to their visitors so they are trying to weed out the sites that are not “real” companies or “real” people doing “real” work. There is an entire industry dedicated to automating content generation across multiple sites and then linking that content to affiliate sites and raking in a % of sales. There are millions of $$$$ in that business. Or at least there has been in the past. These “thin” sites are now taking more of a hit than ever.

There have been many updates that have hit this industry over the last two years. Some say that this update has decreased thin site traffic by 20% on average. Some sites have dramatically fallen in the rankings while other have not been affected at all.

So what does this all mean to you????

Keep generating quality original content and you will keep improving your search engine ranking. Don’t forget the link backs and remember that fresh relevant content is still king! English majors now have the opportunity to rule the world! Garrison Keillor would be so proud to see a day when there are more jobs than English majors.

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