Hearts and Minds: Marketing Your Good Deeds

Most small companies have little, if any, to spend on marketing efforts. It is important for all businesses to get exposure, so as much free publicity as possible is a great thing. For example, an article done by a local reporter could end up getting picked up by a national paper and spreading the word about your company to millions for absolutely nothing.

There are tons of great ways out there to get free publicity; one way can be working with a non-profit.

I want to emphasize that the intentions behind working with the non-profit you choose should be genuine and in line with the values of the company. This shouldn’t be something that you do only for the free press, people will see through it if it is fake. However, a well done charity event or partnership can be a really effective way to get some great free exposure.

The first step is to find a non-profit that you think would be a good fit for your business and one that you can work with easily. Your values should be aligned with the mission of your chosen non-profit and you need to believe in the mission. If you find a non-profit like this and create a positive working relationship, you will be able to boost both of your respective exposure and help each other grow.

When you go to work on a project with your non-profit, keep these things in mind: Target the right media (sections or publications dedicated to non-profit works), take photos, and be generous but smart in your donations in time and money.

Remember to be creative and keep supporting good causes, especially ones that are relevant to your customers and community. If it doesn’t always pay off in huge media coverage, that is fine, you are still establishing your reputation and capturing the hearts and minds of people that may one day need your product.

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