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Guest Post: 3 Ways To Convert Facebook Fans Into Super Fans

facebook, salty waffle, super fanIf you intend to use Facebook tools and applications to generate more sales for your business, then you need to make an effort to get the attention of your customers on Facebook and turn them into super fans. Remember, a super fan is that one unique and very important customer who not only purchases your products & services but also gets you many more potential customers by way of recommending your brand, products & services to them. Now, if you wish to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool to allure your Facebook customers then read on to find some handy tips mentioned here.

1. Design Engaging and Effective Ads

Ads are a great way to grab the attention of your Facebook followers. You can design a lucrative ad and post it on your Facebook page. Your fan will be able to find out everything about your offer by clicking on the ad link. You will have to first identify your target fans’ area of interest and then design an ad that will prompt them to click on it. Pay attention to the kind of ads and campaigns being run by your competitor on Facebook. If you feel that a lot of their followers are clicking on the ads to avail the offer, then you can design an ad on similar lines to turn your Facebook follower into permanent customer/fan. However, when you design an ad, then you should include a call to action line or even a question to allure your Facebook fans. Another thing that you shouldn’t forget is that your Facebook followers are being flooded with campaigns and ads therefore you should include real images and catchy headline to grab their attention before anyone else does.

2. Run Contests and Request Your Followers to Share Links with Others

raider fan, super fan, facebook, salty waffleEncourage more and more customers on Facebook to recommend your brand, product and service to their friends, relatives and associates. In order to do that you can run a contest and then request them to share information/link about the same with others. Once your contest becomes popular on Facebook, you can identify new Facebook followers and work towards converting them into your super followers as well. Now, when it comes to running contests you should be careful to select a prize or gift that you will give away as part of the contest. This gift/prize should be related to your field of work or something that your typical client would really want.

3. Provide Relevant Content to Your Fans

Your Facebook followers expect you to share relevant information and content about your company with them. They are keen to find out how you can solve their problem through your offerings. You must include a video about your company, brand, products and services. You should also project yourself as a specialist or expert in the form of free and easy to download tutorials and videos.

In a nutshell, you need to identify the potential and right kind of customers even before you convert them into super fans/customers. You must also focus on creating a lot of buzz about your products and brand in general. If you have quality content and engaging ads and campaigns on your Facebook page, you will have done enough to win the hearts of Facebook followers and turn them into your super Facebook fans.

About the author: Rebecca is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and technology. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently bought Nikon Binoculars and right now she is busy writing an article on Sound systems.

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