Google’s Pool Party

Pinky: “Say Google, what do you want to do tonight?” Google: “The same thing we do every night Pinky…” Google turns towards the camera and villainously announces, “Try to take over the world!”

Okay Google, we all get it. You are great at what you do. And frankly, it seems like you are doing a lot recently. You got your bread and butter which is your sweet search engine. You got your fast web browser, Google Chrome. Not to mention those android phones that is everywhere now. You are also competing with Groupon and LivingSocial too with Google Offers. You got Mark Zuckerberg using your new social network, Google +. And now you have a new photo sharing app called Pool Party. Really?! Even the mobile photo sharing market! You do know that part of Rome’s decline was the fact that it overextended itself. But what do I know, you are the almighty Google.

Anyways, let’s talk about this Pool Party they got going on. Apparently, its an exclusive one. The app is still on its beta testing phase and it’s invite only so you know what that means. Only the cool kids get to check it out. Google has locked down a domain by the name of so if you want an invite you can go there and request for one. The app is being built by the Slide team within Google. This team is also responsible for Disco, a group messaging app.

Google hasn’t release too much information on this app yet. So far the concept of this app is creating groups called “pools” and through these pools you can share photos in real time.

Here are some preview images of what it looks like.

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