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Google Docs! On Your Phone!

social media, mobile, google docs, social media vocabulary, cloud, documents, business, groups, toolsGood news to us here at Salty Waffle and probably to many of you out there that also use Google DocumentsGoogle has finally made it possible to edit documents right on your android device or any Apple devices running iOS Version 3 or higher, like the iPad.

It comes in the form of a web application so you don’t have to download an app do it, just use the browser that is already built in. If you have an android device, then lucky you because you can also use the built in speech recognition software on the keyboard and literally talk to your Google Docs.

You can view, edit, and even create brand new documents completely on the go. Since Google Docs is still free and supports multiple users editing at the same time, the ability to go mobile is incredibly valuable. Google Docs is easily one of the best, if not the best free cloud document management platform and their plan is to continuously improve it. For small businesses like us, and really any business that needs to be able to share documents effectively and save money at the same time, this is awesome.

We’re going to love taking our Google Docs mobile and we hope you enjoy it too. Thanks Google!

Google made a video to show it in action and they plan to keep updating this web app and improving the futures over time.


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