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Getting Sticky With Social Media

sticky social media, sticky facebook, sticky social network, social mediaA term web people might use to describe a site is sticky. It sounds a little strange, but it’s actually a huge measure of a website’s success. The stickier the better. The measure of a websites ‘stickiness’ can be found in the page views per visitor; the more pages a person goes to on the site, the more sticky the site is.

A sticky site is desirable for many reasons, but simply, it is better to have people stay on your site longer and view a lot of pages. This means that they have found something that makes them want to stay and interact with and that the site is providing them with something useful.

When you are building a site of your own or have one to promote, consider that the stickiest sites out there are far and away, social networks. Facebook gets thousands of page views a month per visitor and it doesn’t even rank as the stickiest site. It makes sense to advertise and be involved with a sites that are sticky and those sites are clearly dominated by social media. If the people you are looking for are going to be spending a ton of time in a place, why not be there with them?

Here is a list of the top ten sites in regards to page views per month. Notice that the first 9 are social networks. If anyone asks you why it is important to have a presence in social media, just tell them how sticky it is. Would you rather be a in a place where someone looks once a month or a thousand?

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