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Getting Social with NBA All-Star Weekend

All-Star GameAs social media has evolved so has the NBA and All-Star weekend has become a huge social event.  Last year, the NBA had 1 million fans in China following them on social media. This year they have 41 million thanks to Jeremy Lin.  They also have 200 million fans globally through Twitter and 14 international Facebook pages.

For the first time ever, fans were able to vote for the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest winner via Twitter by indicating the last name of the participant they wanted to win and #SpriteSlam.  In the past, finalists and the winner were determined by a panel of judges but this year there were no judges for the contest.  It was strictly the fans who determined the outcome by tweeting their votes.  NBA is giving their fans an opportunity to be the real MVP’s of the All-Star game through the use of technology and social media.

NBA.com is the hub for all things social during All-Star weekend – what’s hot on Facebook, the best tweets, photos, videos, trends, and the social spotlight.  The NBA has a team of people who cover every social platform in real-time all season long and the social squad has been amplified for this event.  Geo-technology will be used to integrate tweets from fans and post them on the jumbotron inside Amway Center.

NBA.com Social SceneHere are a few peeps you should follow or hashtag pre and post game:

  • @NBA
  • @NBATV
  • @NBAonTNT
  • #NBA
  • #2012
  • #AllStar
  • #Orlando
  • #AmwayCenter
  • #DLeagueAllStar

After the huge social impact of this year’s Superbowl, the NBA has followed the NFL’s footsteps with an innovative approach to the All-Star game.  These are sterling examples of organizations that listen to their fans, relate to them, and engage with them by providing real-time information.  Realizing social media is the new measure of influence is the key to the NBA and NFL’s social success.  As the year continues, you will see all major sporting events incorporate social media into their marketing and communications.  Tip-off for the All-Star game is on Sunday, the 26th, at 6pm EST on TNT.

Editor’s Note:  Angel Soria is an Internet Marketing Consultant, entrepreneur, columnist for the Tulare Kings Hispanic Times, expert contributor for www.saltywaffle.com, and currently obtaining her Executive MBA at Fresno State.  To learn more about getting social with your business, visit www.fresnolocalinternetmarketing.com and enter your name and email address in the boxes provided.  Follow her @talk2angelsoria.



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