How To Re-Kindle That Business Drive

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Austin found his Mojo, have you?

We all have our reasons for starting a business. At the beginning, you’re excited to have the freedom to pursue your passions and beliefs. You were always trying to figure out new, innovative ways to become more successful. Anything and everything seemed attainable. Slowly, the days and months wore on, your enthusiasm has slowly drained and it has become more ‘work’ than fun.  We need to revive that up-beat businessman, but how?

1. Increase Productivity

Running a business from a home office is convenient and gives you the flexibility to work at any time, but with work being so close, it can also drain you out. Get out and bring your work to a cafe, library, or any other public place that takes you out of the house. Studies show that people are more productive when they work in coffee shops.

2. Be an observer

When you expose yourself to new work environments, you’d be amazed at the new ideas that will pop into your head. Maybe it’s as small as the barista greeting a regular customer with a smile, which you can incorporate into your business. You start to see things in a new light, which leads to successful business ideas.

3. Interact with others

You will not be the only one sitting in the coffee shop working on business, so surrounding yourself with like minded people is a great way to start networking. If you build relationships with a few of the regulars, you can bounce ideas or problems off of each other. You never know, they may have some ideas that will help grow your business.

Substituting your daily workspace for something a bit different is a great way to increase productivity. It may be something you do once a week, or you can find a new place everyday. Either way, there is no better way to avoid burnout like changing it up.

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