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Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies

Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies Peeps who work at tech companies get a lot of hype so let’s get the skinny on perks at top social network companiesLinkedIn was one of the most successful initial public offerings of 2011, and has since been one of the most transparent and open workplaces in technology.  Employees are able to jam out on Guitar Hero, Rock Band, and foosball while grubbin’ on free snacks, catered lunches, and a full freezer ice cream café.  They can recharge their batteries with morning bootcamps, a 24/7 onsite gym, running trails, afternoon pilates and yoga, chair massages, beanbag lounge, and weekly lectures from respected entrepreneurs.  Employees have one Friday a month allotted to personal side projects and are able to telecommute.

Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies - LinkedInTwitter employees have a commuter program which is beneficial on days they participate in winemaking for charity activities and their on-site happy hour one Friday a month.  They have a stocked kitchen, free snacks, catered meals, and are able to work it off with their free gym membership, rock climbing wall, yoga and pilates classes while they get their clothes dry cleaned or washed at the onsite laundry service.  Employees are able to let loose on video games, ping-pong, and foosball.

Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies - TwitterFacebook has received a lot of press lately about its high-level executives moving on to different companies.  According to Glassdor, a jobs and career community where people share information and opinions about the places they work, the biggest gripe at Facebook is the hours, then the work / life balance, followed by stress.  Yes, hack-a-thons lead to burn-out-a-thons.  They’re able to realign with their inner geek playing ping-pong, foosball, and on their annual video game day.

Business Insider claims employees now have less incentive to stay at Facebook than they did prior to the IPO, which may make retention more difficult and expensive.  I find that a bit hard to believe when “the social network” gives 4 months paid paternity / maternity leave and a $4,000 credit after having a child, plus $3,000 in reimbursed childcare when the child is under 5.  They also get hooked up with free shuttle service to and from San Francisco, free unlimited Cal Train passes, and a $50 reimbursement fee for those who take the metro roundtrip at least 10 times a month.  Oh yeah, they also get weekly lectures from elite entrepreneurs, laundry services, 50% reimbursement of most gym fees, and big pimpin’ meal cuisines from countries such as Belize and India, but can’t forget the pizza.

Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies - FacebookGoogle is still one of the best places to work in the world with killer amenities in the office.  Onsite gym, fitness classes, yoga, running trails, rock climbing wall, subsidized massages, bike repair, car washes, haircuts, dry cleaning services, and free laundry machines.  They have a bar, cafes, free snacks, and in-house meals prepared by gourmet chefs.  Employees have onsite doctors and physical therapists, business  travel accident insurance, 3 months paid maternity leave with a $500 credit when the bun is out of the oven, free onsite childcare, dogs are welcome, they have pet care referrals, and free shuttle service to and from several locations in and around San Francisco.  I’d say they’re pretty legit!

Earlier this year Google rolled out death benefits to employees, including a generous offer to pay the spouse or partner of a deceased staffer half of their salary for a decade.  The surviving spouse or partner will also acquire vested stock benefits and children will receive $1,000 a month until the age of 19 (or 23 if the child is a full-time student).  Google said it’s taking this approach to ensure each employee’s family is taken care of if an unforeseeable event were to occur even if there is no direct benefit to the business.  It might attract more candidates to apply for a position but Google implemented the benefits to improve retention and performance.

Get the Skinny on Perks at Top Social Network Companies - GoogleTechie peeps must really like foosball, considering all four social networks have this game on deck.  Maybe this is my sign to take up foosball instead of golf, lol.  Employees at these four social networks have unlimited sick days, health insurance, vision, dental, disability, life coverage, and a 401k program.  Now you’re in the know and we’re glad you stopped by to get the skinny on perks at top social network companies.  What company would you want to work for?  Let us know in the comments and stay fabulous.

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