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From Ashton to Social Media Bastion: Twitter Has Evolved

If you have been to your Twitter page lately, like, the actual one in your browser you have probably noticed the big upgrades they rolled out recently. For a long time, it seemed like Twitter was the only social network site that was actually the worst option for managing your social media profiles and conversations. Tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Seesmic, and others just offer a better solution.

But, in the event you are on a different computer, at the library, or stuck without your favorite Twitter client for another reason, let’s give Twitter some credit for the upgrades. After all, just a year ago all everyone knew about Twitter was that Ashton Kutcher was obsessed with it.

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHAZt-Exuaw [/youtube]

Since its early days of almost constant fail whale status and barebones interface, Twitter has evolved. The new changes and more subtle ones since the earlier days, makes the site much more usable and intuitive. The video below outlines the newest changes.

The best thing about the changes is that they actually took the way people use Twitter into consideration. See, Twitter-ers have evolved too, the most shared on topics are news and opinion. Links are present in 25% of tweets these days and Twitter and its community are so effective at spreading real-time information, it is now the fastest growing search engine in the world. Taking all that into account bore them the new two-pane look and slick features that you can now get directly in browser.

Twitter is also approaching Facebook and email in its effectiveness at spreading content across the web, further proving it is an

Twitter, social media, marketingimportant social media outlet for you and your business to capitalize on and not just a fad or silly collection of random thoughts. In fact ,as Twitter continues to grow, it will most certainly offer a better real-time world pulse than any other network. It might even be there now.


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