Foursquare by the Numbers

Social MediaIn the past when we have talked about the social media and how it ties in with location, we spoke abstractly, musing about the future, or talking about potential ways to leverage it for your business. This is a little different, we’re going to a take a look at hard numbers, frankly unbelievable numbers that Foursquare is still putting up right in Facebook Places’ grill. (Check this)

These are hot off the Salty Waffle press:

Users at 1 Year: 1 Million

Users Today (5 Months Later): 3 million

Venues Offering Special Offers: 15,000

Check-ins per Week: >1.2 million

Employees: 30

These types of numbers and rate of growth speak for themselves, location is growing in a big way. Businesses are already getting ahead of the curve and it’s paying off in terms of engagement and sales.

And speaking of numbers, something most people don’t know is that Foursquare offers free analytics for business owners to track check-ins. The type of data they can supply is mind-boggling.

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