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10 Tips for Living Large Finance Friday: Rollin’ with Entourage

It took a few friends recommending it but, I have started watching Entourage. Without getting into plot lines and the hilarious events that take place, the craziest thing about the show might be the way they manage money. Since most of us don’t have movie star style cash flow, here are some tips to keep the green flowing. (Thanks to Alvah Parker)

1. Stick to your budget.

2. Bill your clients regularly.

3. Get a retainer for your services before you begin the work

4. Give a discount for early payment.

5. Accept a credit card for payment.

6. Use your own credit card to finance purchases but do it cautiously.

7. Establish a line of credit with a bank

8. Put the cash that you have on hand in an interest bearing account

9. Pay your outstanding bills judiciously.

10. Consider getting an expert to watch your cash flow.

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