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Fast Company: The Influence Project

influence projectThe woman pictured here, Mari Smith got a head start on the Project when she was notified early and she remains #1. Click this Link. I’m so addicted to the Fast Company Influence Project and it’s cool graphics. Who cares how far your influence spreads online? Well apparently tens of thousands do. How do you rank? Post your scores below.

By the time this is over on August 15th you will have heard about it several times, from me and from others around you.  The Project started on July 6th, I’m 20 days late to the party! When I first saw the link I thought, “Yeah, whatever, (Friend X) you are so conceited.”

After being inundated, well here I am writing to you asking with all of my influence, “Please click on this link.” It’s addicting, don’t click here if you can’t resist a cool social map!

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