Family Focus Friday: 9 Social Media Sites For Kids Part 2

social media, salty waffle, social media faith, social media faith based organizations, social media church, social media share, social media community social media kids, social media familyToday we will be covering the first 3 social media sites for Kids discussed in Part 1.

1) KIDO’Z: is a browser for kids who want to search the web safely. It includes games, email, and personalized content for the kids. It also has a video feature called KIDOZ TV where kids can watch safe educational TV. In addition, the social aspect of it is in its Virtual Places, where kids are able to meet friends in their custom designed avatar.

Here is a YouTube video of a 2 year old boy using KIDO’Z


2) Glubble: is a tool for the Mozilla Firefox Internet browser that permits kids to only see the very best parts of the Internet based on selections made by their parents, its like their own little world on the web. The makers call it their Glubble World. An article by Mashable explains that, “For the adults using the family Glubble page it will be displayed like any other web page in the browser but once you switch it into kids mode by clicking on the Glubble Lock icon in the browser toolbar, the browser will automatically switch to full screen kiosk mode. In this mode the children will not be able to access any other part of the computer.” An article by Read Write Web further explains the site. Below is a picture of the Glubble browser skin in its simple and kid-friendly state.

3) Whyville: is a place for kids to hang out online. Children are able to design their own avatar to use to chat and play games. There is a great explanation of Whyville for kids, parents, and teachers at their about Whyville page. Here are some things kids have to say about it:

Stay tune next week for Part 3!

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