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Facebook VS Google

Dear Google,

This is just a warning but Facebook might be coming for you.  Mark Zuckerberg has hinted that Facebook might be looking to join Web Searching with Social Networking.  Since Facebook became a public company investors have seen the stock price drop to about half.  Facebook, under Zukerberg’s leadership might be looking to tap into the massive Search Industry to further the company’s profits.  As daunting as the challenge might be, Facebook might just be a company that could challenge Google for control of the Web Search title.  It has access to nearly a billion users who are constantly liking, uploading, commenting and indirectly sharing their personal preferences with the giant Social Networking site.


While Google has the advantage of being a long established search engine and being the predominant web index with the majority of existing websites already catalogued, Facebook has access to massive amounts of real time personal information.  Facebook, with it’s hundreds of millions of users along with the data it can gather from external sites that use the Like button, might be able to pry away a large share of the market by making a search engine that more accurately provides search results suited to that particular individual.

Whatever Facebook decides to do, it will be interesting to see the future of Facebook.


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