Everyone is Normal Until You Meet Them

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Chasing the Cool

Who is social author Thanh Huynh? On paper, Thanh is a student of the University of Washington where he is currently a Senior. There he is studying business administrator with a focus in entrepreneurship. As a Salty Waffle intern, Thanh writes about the business of photography. It is about turning your passion of photography into that can pay your bills by primarily using social media to build your brand and awareness.

Along with being a Salty Waffle Goliath, Thanh is a self proclaimed Jack of all trades. He is a world class amateur clarinetist/recorder player, tremendously weak swimmer, a pretentious photographer, spaghetti connoisseur, and a Nintendo 64 advocate. On a given day his TV will almost always have SportsCenter or The Food Channel on. He listens 90s hip hop with dash of Alicia Keys. Thanh is a notoriously jokester around so don’t leave him open, he will hit that open zinger. If one would be discussing about the matter of Thanh’s hipness, the answer would be that Thanh is so hip…your grandpa broke him.

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