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Email: 34% of Sharing on the Web

email, social media, social networkingIn recent years Facebook has become the king of spreading content, being responsible for about 45% of the spread of content across the web. The second in command may surprise you, though. That’s right, remember that hot new thing of the nineties? The trendy, movie inducing, yahoo-making, ‘instant sharing’, thing that used to be the end-all-be-all of the online world? Yeah, it still exists, and it’s not just a place where you get redundant notices of things that happen on Facebook, either.

Fact is, email still accounts for a whopping 34%of content distribution on the web, nearly three times as much as Twitter counts for. So with that in mind, how do you get in control of your email situation?

The answer for you, like it is for us, could be MailChimp. Managing a ton of email contacts and producing rich, beautiful emails that everyone can easily open can be a difficult task without the right tool. Fortunately for us, there is such a tool. We use MailChimp to produce our own monthly newsletters and we have had splendid success with it.

It allows you to import email contacts, build your newsletters and emails, send them, and then track the open rate, subscribers, click rate, and other key statistics. The service is free up to 500 subscribers and reasonably priced after that.

In the swirling world of social media, don’t forget about your old friend, email. It is still a powerful marketing force and obviously still schleps around its fair share of…well, shares. This is a time when it’s good to have a monkey on your back. Excuse me, chimp.

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