Elbows Have Never Been This Cool

Nothing is more hipster than standing motionless at a concert with your elbows crossed while judging a musical act on their lack of obscurity.  However, these days it is just too difficult for most hipsters to pay for concerts with their minimum wage coffee shop incomes and their large expenses on vinyl albums.

social media music blogging
Elbo.ws is the perfect tool for the armchair hipster.

Elbo.ws allows for hipsters to keep in touch with their local music scene from the comfort of their own urban dwellings.  Elbo.ws is an online music aggregator that sifts through the interwebs and tracks which artists and songs are being discussed on online music blogs and forums.  Elbo.ws is very simliar to the Hype Machine in this respect, however it has a very different structure and format to its website.  Instead of just displaying a live stream of songs like the Hype Machine, Elbo.ws features a live stream of blogs and articles that mention certain music artists.  As a result, the layout of the site feels much more like a blog with a long list of articles on its main page rather than an online music sharing website.

social media music blogging
The main page of Elbo.ws

If there is a song attached to a particular article, there will be a link at the bottom of the blog that will take you to that particular site where you can stream the selected song.  While it may not be as easy to stream music directly off the site (compared to the Hype Machine), it is much easier to read the articles from the bloggers and find out more information about the artist.  The main page of Elbo.ws also features a list of popular artists, tracks, music videos, posts and what blogs are receiving the most traffic on the site in order to get a quick overview of what’s hot on the music blogoshpere.  All in all, Elbo.ws is more of a super music blog than an online music streaming site and should be used as such.

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