Departure Stinks: A Thank You Note

This post is an ode to my EO EMP/MIT class of 2011 and our great Salty Waffle Team…

Departing from the ones that you care about is always tough. Wether it’s leaving home or leaving friends to return home.

The connection that out class has is amazing and meaningful on so many levels. I began to feel a bit sad as we parted ways. Then we had our daily call for the Salty Waffle crew.

When speaking with our wonderful team I felt overjoyed to get back to work and implement the things that we learned in class. Our team is excited to learn and grow the business as much as I personally am!

After our call this morning it really hit me that I’m so lucky to be a part of the Salty Waffle team and the class of 2011. Getting clear on values, sticking to them, and finding those who share them, has cleared the way for greatness to happen.

Thank you to the class of 2011 for being there to teach me and push me. Thank you, Salty Waffle, RLAP, and BigRuby associates for working together to create opportunities for so many more passionate people.

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