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Limit(ed) Options: CX and the Problem of Choice

Hello, and welcome back to Salty Waffle Social Media Vocabulary, where we cover all things social media, CX, and everything in between. Today we’re going to discuss why top-notch CX should include customer-centric goods and services offering.

Generally it’s assumed that having more options is innately better than just a few, right? However this logic creates two problems: your company will have to work overtime to diversify available goods and services, the other is that there’s a correlation between customer frustration and being faced with too many options.

Recent data shows that an overwhelming number of choices is actually paralyzing to customers, and often leads to indecision and potentially abandoning a purchase altogether. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to drastically slash your number of available goods and services. Rather, we’d suggest that the solution is to create a deeper understanding of what your customers value and let that information guide your service offerings or product portfolio. We’ve recently talked about how to listen to your customers: if you haven’t read that post yet, definitely start there.

The outcome of such a listening strategy serves two purposes: increased customer satisfaction and thus retention, and a streamlined product portfolio and services roster. The former is a obvious win, and the latter will help you focus your efforts directly on the goods and services your customers want instead of hammering-out an unnecessary smattering of products. This is not all to say that you should minimize the number of services or goods your company provides. It is to say that customer research and listening will help you understand what your customers want, and accordingly what to offer them. If you’re looking to elevate your CX game, we can help.

Have you ever been overwhelmed by product offerings? What’s your experience with diversifying your own services? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for stopping by; we’ll see you again on Thursday for another edition of Salty Waffle’s Social Media Vocabulary.

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