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Crowd Sourcing Trust, The Social Network That’s All About Helping Each Other Out

safety, social media, business, toolsEver played that Google game where you hop from result to result real quick like hoping not to get your feet burned on a bad link? Us too, but no longer do you have to worry about those shady sites full of viruses and spyware. And that’s thanks to you.

Thanks to you and a start-up called Web of Trust that it is. Since 2006 WOT has been working a project to make the internet safer through social means. If you have ever wanted to ask a friend if they have had a bad experience with a site before clicking on it, the WOT plug-in is for you. By enlisting millions of people all over the world to provide feedback on the safety of websites via their browser, WOT is making it possible to see the reputation of a site before visiting it.

What better way to find out if you can trust a site than by asking someone you trust what happened to them when they visited it? Better: Asking everyone that has visited that site. WOT has made their plug-in free and compatible with almost every browser. Through the easy to use interface you can help contribute to the WOT results for pages and easily see a sites reputation in search results displayed right next to the link!. Red for bad, Green for good, and yellow for mixed reviews. The decision to go there or not then rests with you.

The more people the better this works so join the over 11 million users out there helping to make the internet safer. Social + Safety, we love it!


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