CRM goes Social 6 ideas for success

Social CRM is a hot topic here at New Comm 2010, lets simplify that to SRM-Social Relationship Management. That being said Vyna Iyer, SAP CRM Global Marketing, Vice President spoke about CRM and the new core competencies.

1.Create relevant offers-if it doesn’t work try, try again

2.Consistent multi-channel sales and marketing execution

3.Deliver superior customer service including social media responsiveness

4.Seek and influence ongoing customer engagement

5.Sense customer and market sentiment-create listening stations (Tweet Deck can do this)

6.Develop comprehensive customer insight-communicate it internally

Vinay also said that they are taking SRM and listening apps developed privately and partnering with the companies to integrate new SRM capabilities into SAP. Even this gigantic company is listening to their customers and becoming flexible enough to integrate change into their culture for increased revenue and customer loyalty.

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