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How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign (Video & Chat) Founders Live

Team Founders Live  40m ago
Hello! We’re getting started here… How are we doing today?

Nick Hughes 40m ago
Hi from sunny Seattle (finally)
It’s sunny in the PNW so it’s a fantastic day

Nick Hughes 39m ago
Hi Nicole. Great video. Quick and pointed. Actionable
It really is quite simple and also a ton of work

Lisa Graf  38m ago
Great video. I have a had a ton of success using Canva and am excited to check out the other resources you suggested. Thanks!
My pleasure
I love Canva

Team Founders Live  38m ago

Nick Hughes 38m ago
Hi Lisa. Thanks for joining in. Where you joining us from?

Lisa Graf  37m ago
Sunny Seattle (don’t get to say that often)!
Lisa – what tools do you usually use for campaigns?

Nick Hughes 37m ago

Lisa Graf  36m ago
Depends on the client I work with and their resources, but I have loved using Sprinklr and Hootsuite.

Ian Anderson 36m ago
That was great! Thanks Nicole
Then you’ll love, it’s like hootsuite on steroids and more robust and easier to use
My pleasure Ian

Team Founders Live  36m ago
Nicole – What is a social media campaign anyway? What’s involved in it? and what should the overarching goal be?
Ok – a campaign is usually put in motion with a business goal behind it
For instance, I saw that Ian is recruiting for experts in his community, and it looks like he’s doing a campaign for recrutiting
it may be a concentrated effort for sales or notoriety or email addresses
there should be a clear goal
a clear audience
and a clear message

Team Founders Live  33m ago
So what you are saying is a campaign is a structured process with goals, metrics, an audience, actions and measured results?

Lisa Graf  33m ago
Nicole – do you have any advice for lead generation campaigns?

Ian Anderson 33m ago
I love that you used me as an example, perfect 👌
though some people don’t measure or arent’ clear on the above

Team Founders Live  32m ago
advice for any campaigns would be to make sure your messaging is clear as to what somebody gets when they take the action that you desire
as with Ian, he did mention options of what somebody gets, but it was a very long message and not clear on exactly what the benefit is to the contributors
my challenge to Ian would be to create the message in one sentence that has an emotional hook and benefit to the participant
that’s what the story brand process is great for if you need some simplification and clarification

Lisa Graf  30m ago
Love it. Let’s say I have been running a campaign for 3 months. My message is clear, my assets are tested but I feel like I have exhausted my audience. Now what?
Ian – I considered if I might be a good fit, as a former pro-snowboarder and life long fitness enthusiast

Nick Hughes 30m ago
Good question Lisa
Now Lisa it’s time for something new
you need new images
likely a new message too
things change so quickly online
if it feels stale to you it likely feels stale to the audience
And Lisa, are you looking for a larger audience or more engagement from the existing audience?

Lisa Graf  28m ago
Very true. Are there any tricks to expanding the audience and targeting new people that you have had success with?

Team Founders Live  28m ago
Nicole, Stories are incredibly important. What’s the best way to define and design our story? Maybe we don’t have the best grasp on what story we want to tell…
Instagram stories are rediculously good for increasing engagement

Ian Anderson 28m ago
Thanks for that feedback Nicole. I’ll connect with you more outside of this about our initiative. I heard from someone that authenticity is the next big thing in social media campaigns…..moving away from all the fake, seemingly perfect. Thoughts?
Lisa – I’m sure you are familiar with the Facebook “like” audiences, you can select to expand your range and have the audience have similar demographics to your existing audience

Nick Hughes 27m ago
Ian. YES! That’s why its one of our core values.

Team Founders Live  27m ago

Team Founders Live  26m ago
The Founders Live Core Values
The below values (with audio files) were identified by Nick as the four things we as an organization hold to the highest regard and infuse in everything we do. We hope you do too! These unique valu…

for the Story you want to tell, have a look at and their youtube videos
the CEO walks you through the process in the videos
We hired a storybrand guy for $500 and he got us clear on our messaging for a project that we used for our site copy, ad copy etc
Ian – on authenticity

Team Founders Live  25m ago
8:00PM – Welcome Reception You’ll get to know your fellow participants over desserts and drinks. These are the like-minded leaders you’ll spend the next two days with. You’ll be inspired and encouraged by the brilliant friends who attend a StoryBrand workshop.

it’s key to what you put out there, like my video above, people want to see real humans in real environments, that’s why IG stories are so hot too
you can see madona doing her daily whatever she does or lady gaga or anybody else, it gives you a feeling that you know them
it’s part of the need to connect, in the Happy Camper model

Lisa Graf  24m ago
That’s exciting, I haven’t had a chance to test IG stories. Will add that to my list!
people do business with those that they Know Like and Trust, this authenticity creates all 3
Lisa, you’ll be blown away and also likely overwhelmed
it’s a lot of work to be doing them all the time and the work can really pay off

Ian Anderson 23m ago
That’s great!! Thank you

Anne Retterer 23m ago
Hi! Anne here. We have a small team. How can I run and manage a smart campaign with limited time. Any tricks? I also love the authenticity piece. That’s important.
Hi Anne – planning will help you a lot
pre-plan and create your content in batches and use a tool like to upload and schedule your content
it’s the most efficient way to do it
you can also share other people’s content which can often get just as many likes and shares if not more than your own original content
on linkedin, shared posts typically do better than original content

Anne Retterer 21m ago
I have been trying to keep up a content calendar. I see I need to be a bit more consistent about when and how I take car of it. I use Hootsuite right now (and Canva). I’ll check out the other.

Team Founders Live  20m ago
What about measuring the testing – what’s the best method to test these campaigns and their results?

Anne Retterer 20m ago
Thank you re LinkedIn! We’re just revisiting that channel.
Linkedin is gold! it’s easy to get traction there
measuring and testing…good question

Anne Retterer 20m ago
depends on the tactics how you measure them
and on what platform
ideally you’ll use something like hootsuite or saltywaffle to measure results across all platforms
FB ads manager is pretty awesome for testing and measure FB and IG

Nick Hughes 19m ago
Would you just suggest using their native analytics and metrics, or are the other apps better?
Anne, what’s your biz?
Good question Nick…pick one platform and use that because the results will not be consistent across dashboards

Nick Hughes 18m ago
even if you pull data from FB somewhere else, the data will change, we pick a source and use the same source all the time

Anne Retterer 18m ago
We’ve built what we eventually would grow to be a consumer brand, a Kayak for courses (aggregating content across hands-on learning and online classes, workshops, etc.)
we have used hubspot, Google Analytics, Salty, Hootsuite and a variety of others, not 2 numbers are exactly the same even when they should be
oh cool

Nick Hughes 17m ago
Got it.

Team Founders Live  16m ago
(Anne pitched at Founders Live Seattle in 2016!)
we use mailchimp now for email, salty for social, and fb ads manager for FB & IG ads as our primary places for content and data

Team Founders Live  16m ago
seems so long ago!

Anne Retterer 16m ago
Yes, it does…

Team Founders Live  16m ago
Good combo here – ” mailchimp now for email, salty for social, and fb ads manager for FB & IG ads as our primary places for content and data”

Anne Retterer 15m ago
Thanks. I forgot that FB ads manager also handles IG!

Team Founders Live  15m ago
Nicole, Have things changed on FB based on their recent issues? What have you observed?
Yes and you can automatically have $ go to where the ads get traction, we find around 90% of our conversion is from IG now
OMG yes they have changed!
ads effectiveness and FB page views for biz down about 60% across many companies that I work with

Nick Hughes 14m ago
IG ads are increasing and as a consumer it’s super annoying
IG for biz is now allowing scheduled posts from a desktop

Nick Hughes 14m ago
How should we adjust or approach things going forward?
That’s a huge move for IG
keep posting your content across all platforms and see what works for you
did you know that Pinterest is still the #1 converting site and has been for years
b2b and b2c
and everything should be posted to G+ because it’s a google property and that contributes to SEO

Nick Hughes 12m ago
Really? Is it because they are really just link farms (meaning all the content is simply images with links)?
IDK Nick

Anne Retterer 12m ago
Are there any areas to avoid or content type that are growing? For example, videos, gifs, etc. No mention of twitter. Is that going away? Thanks re G+ and Pinterest!
likely it’s because people are collecting things they want or love or lust after on there

Nick Hughes 12m ago
Clearly something still works for Pinterest
they aren’t spewing opinions
like twitter
Twitter is still super important

Nick Hughes  11m ago
Twitter is a mess!

Anne Retterer 11m ago
truth. I guest IG has a balancing act.
it’s more to be part of the conversation and be seen

Nick Hughes  11m ago
But still one of my fav social sites to get info
Twitter is big for men and press

Lisa Graf  11m ago
I have had some great success targeting specific tweet chats. Especially for an education audience (teachers)
Video is a must Anne and Gifs are hot

Anne Retterer 10m ago
Thank you, both.
Yes Lisa, tons of teachers are on Twitter, we worked with and Edu co and we talked to tons of teachers there

Team Founders Live  10m ago
Video, even if low quality is going to rank higher than any words that you put out there
video in ads or at least a GIF will get more clicks than a static pic
Flixel is super fun for that

Anne Retterer 9m ago
I’ll take a look at Flixel.
just posting that again so you can see the resources

Richard Okoe  8m ago
Thanks Nicole I’m learning a lot

Team Founders Live  8m ago
(Flixel link doesn’t post here well)
It’s important for you to connect with your customers and make it easy for them to share your business message, so that they know how to tell others about you

Nick Hughes  8m ago
Hi Richard! All the way from Ghana. Glad to see you
Thanks Richard!

Anne Retterer 7m ago
Oh good point. Thank you re making it easy for people to share your business message.

Richard Okoe  7m ago
Thank you both
Yes Anne – That’s why longer informative posts are great for sharing
and google is rewarding them more

Anne Retterer  6m ago
on which platform? one in particular?

Nick Hughes  6m ago
Nicole. You mentioned to Connect with people. These are personal messages sharing the link or copy? How do we do that without feeling spammy?
on your site and then you’d link back to them

Anne Retterer  6m ago
Thank you.
Nick – you get to know what people are interested in and jump in with your message when the time is right
it’s AKA “social Listening”
like watching double dutch jump rope…wait for the right time and then hop in

Lisa Graf  5m ago
hah, great metaphor
we hear Oprah mention something on FB and replied with a link to a client, they got over 40k hits immediately because it was relevant to the converstation

Nick Hughes  4m ago
Nice working in of the double Dutch jump rope
you won’t always see a huge win like that, but you can get small ones all over the place when you know where the relevant conversations are happening
hehe thanks
My daugther loved jump rope camp when she was little
With BabyLegs, I’d get in on chats about diaper free parenting, diaper rash, natural parenting etc.

Team Founders Live  3m ago
Alright, we’re out of time for today. Thanks Nicole for your video and time today. Where can we find you if we have more questions?
with salty, it’s clearly social media automation and all the stuff we’ve talked about above!

Nick Hughes  just now
Thanks Nicole. This was very helpful

Juan Torres  just now
Thank you!

Anne Retterer  just now
Thank you!
Thank you Nick and Founders Live!

Lisa Graf  just now
Thank you, all!
Thanks Anne & Lisa & Richard & Ian & Juan!
or suggestions for the next topic
Please feel free to message me if you have any additional questions!

Team Founders Live  just now
Thanks everyone for joining in today.
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